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Obermeyer - Iris Jacket

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Iris Jacket

The Iris Jacket brings to life the style, color and prints that reflect a young girl’s fancy around living and playing outdoors. She should never want to come inside when her curiosity opens her unbound imagination. Snow brings out the child in all of us; and we, as parents, design made-to-last products with reflective safety features, snug fitting elastic cuffs and hems, and fleece-lined collars, pockets, ear-warmers, and chin wind-guards. Our innovative "I-Grow"™ Extended Wear System accommodates your girl growing up over the year; we lovingly encourage passing the jacket along between your family or friends.


All Colors

HydroBlock® Sport 100% Polyester Twill Weave


220gm Body, 160gm Sleeve, 80gm Hood

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